RESISTRO ENTERPRISES started with a humble beginning manufacturing and assembling various types of electronic components for different companies in Nasik and Mumbai. Mr. B. K. Narakesari, a technocrat who had a long experience in the capacitor industry, established the manufacturing unit during 1983. From here the company has come to a stage where sophisticated and critical components including electrical capacitors, coils of various kinds, wiring harnesses, control panels etc are manufactured.

This was achieved by our ‘quality policy’ which is to work as a dedicated team, keeping in mind our products and services as the only criterion to our customers. Today we have a fully equipped modern plant for manufacturing capacitors and coils of various kinds. Our people and our constant endeavor for development to produce quality products have been our strengths.

This was continued by the next generation of the management namely Mr. Ajay Narakesari who is a B.E. (Electronics) and MBA (Marketing). Here the company also strove to become better in all aspects of manufacturing, quality control, sales and marketing etc. The company also went in for ISO 9001:2000 certification as part of the same process. Numerous small automations were also taken up.


Resistro Enterprises are manufacturers of capacitors that are used in different applications like motors, air-conditioners, refrigerators, fans, lighting fittings etc. These are available in various voltage ratings like 250v, 415v, 440, 630v etc. Recently these capacitors were exported to countries like Dubai and Bahrain.


Resistro Enterprises also manufactures coils of different varieties which are used in circuit breakers, MCCB´s, panel meters, relays etc. They are the sole vendors for a number of companies. They have also developed coils for export purposes for the product “Magnetic Actuators” which are used in Medium Voltage Switchgear. These coils are exported through M/s. ABB, Nasik to countries like USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Various coils of wire size 2.3mm to 0.06mm (13swg to 46swg) are manufactured for different customers.


The manufacture of Wiring harnesses and Wiring plates have also been started. These are used for the control of various electronic and electrical products in circuit breakers, tap-changers etc. The customers have already approved these products and production has already started as per requirements.


Apart from all the above products we are also exploring possibilities of supplying various components to new customers whom we have already identified. We feel that to achieve our 5 year targets our existing customers will contribute only 70% of the value and the rest will have to come from new customers


Our people and our constant endeavor for development to produce quality products have been our strengths. With the main objective of producing consistent Quality products and timely deliveries, we are happy that we have succeeded in our efforts. Resistro Enterprise aspires to consistently evolve a leadership position in the manufacture and supply of capacitors and coils for all kind of industries, with a strong sustainable performance based on continuous improvement. We believe in achieving long-term success by meeting the expectations of all stakeholders customers, employees and community at large. We are further convinced that the competitive and fast evolving market ensures that the fate of our company lies in the customers` hand - so it is always “Customer First”


Due to this Resistro Enterprises is a “Green Channel” vendor to companies like:


•  M/s. Asea Brown Boveri LTD, Satpur, Nasik

•  M/s. Crompton Greaves LTD, Ambad, Nasik

•  M/s. CTR Manufacturing Company, Pune.

•  M/s. Jyothi Ltd. (Switchgear div.) Baroda.

•  M/s. Jyothi Ltd. (Relay div.) Baroda.

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